Irene & Matt (Trash the Dress)

Irene & Matt Irene and Matt did this Trash the dress shoot 3 days after their wedding, just before they hoped on a plain for their honeymoon. They Had lots of good ideas for this shoot: Lets jump in a lake, lets have a sword fight, lets light the dress on fire, so we did them all. Hope you guys are having a great honeymoon,

Bari & Dennis (Trash The Dress)

We had a great time in Mass on this shoot. Thank you Bari for making it happen.

Haunting Ghost Brides (Trash da Dress)

Stephanie McCool did a great job coming up with the concept and organizing this shoot. Leah Latanzi and Marc did an amazing job with the makeup. Thanks to all the models and all the people who helped to make this shoot possible. I would also like to thank the Sterling House in Stratford for opening their doors and allowing us to use their space for the shoot.

Couture Clown Brides (Trash the Dress)

This shoot was so much fun!! The idea is couture clown brides… I want to thank Stephanie McCool for art directing and modeling this shoot! Leah Latanzi did an amazing job with the makeup!! Debbie Beutel rocked the sad clown look!  Stacy did an awesome job outside with the smoke bombs!

Jamie & Robert (Trash the Dress)

Jamie and Robert came up with the idea for this shoot. They also called and set up the appointment with the museum and made the whole thing happen. Thanks to Kathleen for allowing us to use the museum for the shoot and than inviting us to your place for the farm shots.

Trash the Dress (Karyn & Nick)

Hats off to Karyn and Nick for doing this really fun Trash the dress shoot. Karyn and Nick planned the locations and they worked out beautifully. Nick, you da man. You guys both rocked the H E double hockey sticks out of your photos. Congrats!!

Trash the Dress (2009)

This is a lot of fun.

Danielle (Trash the Dress)

Danielle is a friend of Linda & Ronnie’s. I photographed Linda & Ronnie’s wedding in Oct. After speaking with me at their wedding Danielle contacted me for some photos of their wedding and told me about some of her trash the dress ideas. This shoot is one of them, thanks Danielle for this fun shoot and I look forward to more debauchery this weekend. Thanks also to Jimmy at Lucky Soul Tattoo parlor in Ansonia for keeping his doors open and helping make this shoot happen.