Years ago, the boutonniere was a single flower worn as decoration for a formal event. Most often it would be seen on a lapel of a man’s tux or suit, fastened by a pin or even pushed through a button hole. Nowadays, these floral accents are no longer a lonely flower but a super stylish accent.  From fiddle-heads and succulents to babies breath and berries anything goes! We are just gaga over these handsome works of art.AmandaMike14-221 JessicaMarcus15-253 MeganMarc-1095DM30972 5DM30990 5DM30995 5DM32452 AshleyJoel-310 JillianScott-303 KristinJake15-490 LindsayTed15-105 MagPat14-213 MagPat14-287 MichellePeter15-101 MichellRobert15-242 JessicaMarcus15-352

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