Jun 05

Carrie & Josh (Wedding)

Carrie and Josh had an absolutely beautiful wedding day at Harkness State park in CT. It rained for most of their day but they didn’t let in get them down one bit. Love does conquer all and they were proof of that. Originally had suggested we go to the New London train station for photos but after I checked it out I suggested the whale mural instead. Steve and I had a great time spending the day and photographing this great couple.

Chiara & Tim (Engagement)

I had a great time with Chiara and Tim last Saturday. They had fun and were very playful with each other and it came through in the photographs. Thanks for a fun day Chiara and Tim,  I look forward to your wedding.

Tian & Andy (Engagement)

I joined Tian and Andy Sat morning in Boston where they go to the Harvard school of medicine. We had a great time exploring their school and around where they live. Keep an eye on the blog next month for their wedding at the Ocean Cliff resort in Newport RI. Thanks guys, I already sent your album out so fingers crossed it will be here for your wedding.

Trash the Dress (Karyn & Nick)

Hats off to Karyn and Nick for doing this really fun Trash the dress shoot. Karyn and Nick planned the locations and they worked out beautifully. Nick, you da man. You guys both rocked the H E double hockey sticks out of your photos. Congrats!!

Fashion / Models

4 or 5 weeks ago Anthony DeCarlo invited me down to Salon Space during his shoot for Salon Space. So I went down, had a lot of fun and even set up a few shots. Here are a few. Thanks Anthony and Kate for including me.
Apr 11

Second Shooting for Michelle Wade

I got a phone call from Michelle at Michelle Wade photography on Sat about 10:30. Her second photographer for the wedding she was shooting that day had gotten into a car accident and could not make the wedding. She asked me if I could give her a hand. I was in West Hartford about to step into a meeting but Luckily I had a camera body with me, however the only lens I had with it was a 70-200mm. Although this is a great lens it is a far cry from the ideal all around wedding lens. Michelle gave me a fixed 50mm lens and I was off and running. When I shoot a wedding I carry two camera bodies on me and 4 different zoom lenses. So to say the least it was interesting trying to find shots that would work while being so limited with only one fixed 50mm lens. All and all I had a blast working with the challenge, it was also fun to second shoot for a change. A few Pix
Apr 04

Shannon & Mark (Wedding)

Anthony DeCarlo came with me to shoot this wedding. As always I appreciated his company and his photographic abilities, he got some outstanding shots. Shannon and mark got married at a church in Hoboken NJ and had their reception at The Chart house is in Weehawken NJ. The Chart house is on the end of a pier in the west river over looking NY City. The view from the balcony was spectacular. I went down to Weehawken and Hoboken the week before to check out the venue and to scout out possible photo locations for their big day. After checking out locations they were interested in and finding a few of my own we settled on the Hoboken train station and the place with the pillars. During my day of scouting when I found the place with the 50s style pillars I got very super duper excited (this is putting it mildly) I new it was a great spot and that I would be able to get some very beautiful images for them. When the big day came Shannon was undaunted by the chilly wind of the blustery day, she squared her shoulders squarely against the elements and made sure […]

Stacey & Michael (Eng shoot, part 1)

I met Stacey & Michael at a bridal show at the Hartford civic center with Equilibrio Films. We have decided to split there engagement shoot into a winter and summer shoot. So here is part one of their two part shoot.  Skiing at Okemo mountain in VT.
Feb 01

Sherin & George (Wedding)

Photographer James Bernacheze and I had the absolute pleasure of being part of Sharin and Georges wedding this February. In the early stages of the planning process Sharin let me know how important the photography was to her. She not only wanted top-notch work but also more importantly wanted her images to be unique and interesting. I was flattered that she had selected me for to be her photographer and could not have been happier with her enthusiasm and willingness to participate in making her vision for her images come to life. We discussed different ideas, different locations, the timing of her day and a few issues associated with shooting in the snow. Working together we came up with a plan for her day that everyone was excited about. Thank you Sherin and George for including us in your special day. Here are a few of their photos.

Trash the Dress (2009)

This is a lot of fun.