Sep 22

A totally new concept in wedding films

The premier of Flash Forward went absolutely perfect. Nearly 100 guests filled the theater and everyone enjoyed the movie and the after party at Flipside Bar and Grill.

During the movie it was a total thrill to watch Nicole and John (Bride & Groom) while they watched themselves for the first time on the big screen acting and being movie stars in their own movie. They laughed and wiped a few tears back as they relived memories of their wedding day and the day we spent shooting the scripted portion of the film.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and has left David Ruzicka from and myself amped and energized. We will now  start planning another movie with another unique plot and another amazing bride and groom. Because Flash Forward is only the second concept wedding film of its kind in the world we learned a lot. We look forward to using what we have learned to improve our skills and make the second one even better.

Cheers and thanks for watching 🙂

Kiva Sutton

A few quick video clips of the premier of FlashForward

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